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Developer Services

Melbourne Owners Corporation Services offers specialist consultation to property developers in Melbourne. Our experienced property management team assist developers in establishing new owners corporations.


MOCS can assist in developing the initial budgets, drafting contracts and license agreements and administration papers. Once these things are established, MOCS can help transition the newly formed owners corporation into operational mode.


MOCS has relationships with various qualitified and experienced building contractors to ensure that new properties are maintained well.

Pre-Sales Assistance

To ensure the property being developed is set up to operate once established, MOCS offers the following consulting services:


During Construction

This is a time in the development where it can get very busy. Melbourne Owners Corporation Services offers property developers assistance in a number of areas including:


Registration & After Registration

When the property is suitable, Melbourne Owners Corporation Services will guide you through your duties and obligations under the Owners Corporation Act 2006.


After Registration

What next? Strata Services

Melbourne Owners Corporation Services offers a premium suite of strata services. Take a look at the services available after registration.