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Property Management


We offer many professional services in property management. Our primary services include:

  • 24-hour availability for emergency repairs
  • Consultation on property maintenance – what and how to maintain common areas and more
  • Planned solutions for maintenance and replacement of common area assets
  • Quote and contract management – from scope of work to project management
  • Arrangement of strata maintenance plans, OH&S reports and property reports
  • Recommendation reports for facility management
  • Insurance & Public Indemnity Insurance management – including lodging insurance claims and valuations

As required under Section 124 of the Owners Corporations Act 2006, we provide a comprehensive and informative annual Manager Report for each Owners Corporation on the Manager’s activity during the course of each financial year. The report is circulated to all owners with the Notice of the Annual General Meeting and has been welcomed by many of our customers.


It is company policy that Minutes of meetings be distributed within 48 hours of the meeting. Where Committee approval is requested prior to distribution, same day distribution upon final approval is standard procedure. Prearranged attendance at Committee Meetings can be facilitated as can preparation and distribution of the notice and agenda for the meeting as well as approved minute documentation.

Secretarial & Administrative Services

MOCS is committed to ensuring all owners corporation committees operate with efficiency and professionalism. As part of our service offering, MOCS provides secretarial and administrative services that includes:

Legislative Compliance

Melbourne Owners Corporation Services ensures that we and you are up-to-date with legislative compliance requirements.


Our key Legislative Compliance responsibilities to the strata community/ owners corporation are:

Financial Management

With qualified accounting staff, Melbourne Owners Corporation Services can provide your Owners Corporation with financial transparency and accuracy. Our accounts department comprises two experienced staff (CPA)to process invoices and supplier payments, bank reconciliation, contribution and levy requirements and to answer member queries.


A staff member with seven (7) years’ experience within the Owners Corporation industry has the dedicated role of examining financial reports prior to distribution to mandate accuracy.


All GST and taxation requirements are effectively dealt with by Melbourne Owners Corporation Services accounting staff.


We facilitate individual accounts for each Owners Corporation and produce financial reports in an uncomplicated system generated format. For large developments, we recognize that additional reporting may be required and the preferred reporting method can be negotiated with the Finance Department.


Frequent, and upon request, financial reporting to Committee is essential in large developments and properties undergoing significant works to ensure budgetary requirements are being met and that the cash flow of the Owners Corporation remains positive.


In addition to legislated financial requirements, we can also provide Members via internet access, individual ledger information. Furthermore, authorized Committee Members are able to access Owners Corporation financial data. This online facility provides Members with free access to financial accounts is user friendly and regularly.


The collection of overdue fees and levies is diligently pursued and we have formulated an internal procedure with excellent results. It should be noted that Melbourne Owners Corporation Services has effectively recovered arrears from recalcitrant debtors by its internal facilitation of procedures.


Further we note that the significant difference between Melbourne Owners Corporation Services and its competitors in debt recovery is that our specifically designed recovery process is conducive to Owners Corporations in ensuring cash flow is not negatively impacted and minimizing debt recovery costs to Owners.


Our internal debt recovery procedure is also the result of many years’ experience and advice received from legal and recovery experts. It is efficient, cost effective and compliant.